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Discover websites made by Hack Clubbers!

Back in the 90's, webrings once brought the internet together, creating a community for fellow site enthusiasts. We're bringing the concept back over 20 years later to create a community that's more robust and interconnected, refreshing the idea while maintaining the same creative spirit that existed then.

The following webring connects Hack Club members and their personal websites by using a common navigation bar on each members's site. Check them out below or join by submitting a pull request!

🥳 How to Join

Insert the following HTML into your website:

Live preview

<div id="webring-wrapper">
  <a href="https://webring.hackclub.com/" id="previousBtn" class="webring-anchor" title="Previous">‹</a>
  <a href="https://webring.hackclub.com/" class="webring-logo" title="Hack Club Webring" alt="Hack Club Webring"></a>
  <a href="https://webring.hackclub.com/" id="nextBtn" class="webring-anchor" title="Next">›</a>
  <script src="https://webring.hackclub.com/embed.min.js"></script>

Next, add your name (or nickname!) and URL where you placed the above code snippet at the file Members.json. Open a pull request (tutorial here !)and we'll review it within the next 48 hours. Cheers!

👀 Current Members

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